Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good News

Sunday we had a family dinner and Nate was able to come. He was in high spirits and very talkative. He has really missed being able to eat so now that he can, he really goes for it. He chose the menu and it was awesome to see him pounding down three big plates of food plus dessert. Also, he finally relented and shaved his beard and cut his hair so now he looks more like himself. Nate seemed so happy just to be surrounded by the family and all his nieces and nephews. It is sure good to have him back in the mix!!

The good news is that he is scheduled to come home this Tuesday! After six weeks in the hospital it is an exciting prospect. I know he is ready to get back to a familiar place where he can feel at home as he continues to recover. Nate still has a lot of work ahead of him but is getting a little better everyday. Thanks to Nate's many friends and loved ones who continue to support him and our family on this journey.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Stair steppin'

Nate had been hitting the PT real hard these last few days and is getting stronger and stronger. When they take him into the PT room (or the torture chamber as he calls it) he gets to work on all kinds of muscle-strengthening techniques. The latest and greatest has been conquering the stairs. About a week ago the therapists started him on a small set of 4-5 short steps. It was a struggle at first but now, only a week later he has graduated to a full set of regular sized stairs. His right grip is still weak and he needs someone behind to steady him but it is his legs that are doing all the work! His therapists can't believe how fast he is is truly amazing. He has also walked for a spell here and there with no walker, again just with the aid of a therapist steadying him.

Nate has continued to keep us all laughing with his quick wit and jokes . Thank goodness he and his friends from H.S. made the water ski video "Boys Gone Wild" because he never tires of watching it and laughing at their sweet moves. We know he will continue to progress so he can come home to B town soon. We love you Nater.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nate goes on an outing...

Last night was Grandpa Sonntag's birthday and Nate had his first "outing" since he came t0 the hospital over a month ago. Now that Nate is not connected to anything, the nurses gave him the green light to leave the hospital for an hour or so. He has been practicing getting in and out of a car so he was ready. Nate recieved a very warm welcome from his family and enjoyed some delicious food and some fresh air. It was so great to see him enjoying himself in a different setting other than a hospital bed. It's amazing to think how far he has come in such a short amount of time. We love you Nate. Keep it up!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ok, here's the scenario...

Nate is sitting in his wheelchair, slowly pushing himself down the hall backwards. As he passes by the nurses station, he increases the volume at which he is singing one of his favorite songs. The nurses join in the singing and pretty soon it's a live group concert in the hospital hallway! His positive attitude will be a source of strength as he continues his recovery.

Nate is working hard in physical therapy and making slow, but forward progress. His feeding tube has also been removed and he is eating solid food for each meal.

We are so grateful for each forward step and are also thankful for the thoughts prayers from friends and family.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cheers from Nate

As I write this entry, I'm sitting next to Nate. He is smiling and laughing. He wants to me to let you all know how good he feels and smells (like a bed of roses).

I had the pleasure of feeding him Lasagna yesterday. He's eating solid food on occasion while being supplemented with tube feeding. Hopefully he will soon be eating pizza and Nelson's Custard. This morning, he lifted his own cup, gave a quick "cheers" and sipped it on his own.

Last night he watched the fireworks from his cool hospital room with a view. His window overlooks Murray Park and he said it was quite a show.

Nate says, "Thanks for your support, prayers and stuff ya know". He is so thankful for all the love and concern on his behalf.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Visiting Hours

If you are interested in visiting Nate please come between the hours of 4:30-8:30 pm. Nate has a pretty packed schedule with therapy so visiting hours are now later in the day. Thank you to all of Nate's family and friends for all of your love and support!