Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ok, here's the scenario...

Nate is sitting in his wheelchair, slowly pushing himself down the hall backwards. As he passes by the nurses station, he increases the volume at which he is singing one of his favorite songs. The nurses join in the singing and pretty soon it's a live group concert in the hospital hallway! His positive attitude will be a source of strength as he continues his recovery.

Nate is working hard in physical therapy and making slow, but forward progress. His feeding tube has also been removed and he is eating solid food for each meal.

We are so grateful for each forward step and are also thankful for the thoughts prayers from friends and family.


  1. Wahoo! Go Nate! I think the nurses are going to try to keep you there longer so you can keep the smiles on their faces! I bet they love your spirit and cute smile!!! Keep up the strong work!

  2. Way to go Nate! You are the greatest and I am jealous that the nurses get to hear you rock out every day. Glad you are eating some "real" food. Keep it up! We love you!

  3. This sounds just like the old Nate!!! I'll stop by next week to see you. Keep up the good work.

  4. Way to go Nate (Hoybit a.k.a. Bushski). Keep regaling the nurses! You remain in our prayers.
    Mark and Maylene