Friday, July 17, 2009

Stair steppin'

Nate had been hitting the PT real hard these last few days and is getting stronger and stronger. When they take him into the PT room (or the torture chamber as he calls it) he gets to work on all kinds of muscle-strengthening techniques. The latest and greatest has been conquering the stairs. About a week ago the therapists started him on a small set of 4-5 short steps. It was a struggle at first but now, only a week later he has graduated to a full set of regular sized stairs. His right grip is still weak and he needs someone behind to steady him but it is his legs that are doing all the work! His therapists can't believe how fast he is is truly amazing. He has also walked for a spell here and there with no walker, again just with the aid of a therapist steadying him.

Nate has continued to keep us all laughing with his quick wit and jokes . Thank goodness he and his friends from H.S. made the water ski video "Boys Gone Wild" because he never tires of watching it and laughing at their sweet moves. We know he will continue to progress so he can come home to B town soon. We love you Nater.


  1. Go Nate--- your look'n great. Love the beard.
    We think about you all the time and you are in our thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you soon. Love you and your family
    Judy and Wendell

  2. Good job Quake! I love that water ski video. I was impressed that you boys actually knew how to make a movie. You guys always had me laughing.

  3. It's so good to hear of your accomplishments! Keep up the good work. Bryan will be here around the plan on some time with your old friend. He can't wait to spend some time with you.


  4. Sonntag parties are the best!! Cous, I am so impressed with how hard you've worked and the progress you've made...and that should count for something considering in a PT. Keep up the good work. Love, Jess Lyon Wright and fam