Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good News

Sunday we had a family dinner and Nate was able to come. He was in high spirits and very talkative. He has really missed being able to eat so now that he can, he really goes for it. He chose the menu and it was awesome to see him pounding down three big plates of food plus dessert. Also, he finally relented and shaved his beard and cut his hair so now he looks more like himself. Nate seemed so happy just to be surrounded by the family and all his nieces and nephews. It is sure good to have him back in the mix!!

The good news is that he is scheduled to come home this Tuesday! After six weeks in the hospital it is an exciting prospect. I know he is ready to get back to a familiar place where he can feel at home as he continues to recover. Nate still has a lot of work ahead of him but is getting a little better everyday. Thanks to Nate's many friends and loved ones who continue to support him and our family on this journey.

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  1. Nate, that is awesome that you will coming home on Tuesday. You've worked very hard it sounds like. We are excited to see you. Keep it up and we'll talk to you soon.