Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bounce with me, bounce with me....

I just left the hospital with mixed emotions....

We are excited as Nate is showing off his newly gained feeling in his upper body. He was listening to his i-pod and bouncing his shoulders up and down to the beat. He is keeping us laughing and he can't even talk, what a guy! We are so grateful that he is regaining some feeling in his body. The paralysis is still there and feeling is coming back slowly. We have him squeeze our hand ten times to get his "reps" in. He can barely move his hands, but there is some movement and we are so grateful.

The reason for the mixed feelings is that even though he seems to be doing a little better, he is fighting a bad infection. The doctors think the infection may be in his heart or his brain. The cause of the infection is unknown. Tomorrow he will have some tests to determine if the infection is located in his heart or brain. Either way, it is not the news we had hoped for, but we are optimistic.

As always, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers on his behalf.


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  1. This sounds so like Nate....Always finding some fun in any situation. We will continue to pray for him.