Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Glacial Speed

Nate's recovery is very slow but moving forward. The doctors don't think he will be able to get his breathing tube out this week. Maybe next week. He is dealing with fluid in his lungs, and distention.

Mark and Frankie want to express their gratitude for the love and concern that so many have conveyed. Each day they are hopeful for good news. Each day they are at Nate's bedside. Each day they are faithful and diligent just as they have been throughout their lives. Each day is one more blessing to be counted. They are also grateful for capable doctors while at the same time faithfully knowing that Nate is in the hands of the Lord.

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  1. Nate:
    Dave and I want you to know that we send our love and are praying for you daily. When you are able to eat them, I'll make you all the cookies you can eat. Love and hugs to all your family too,
    Alecia Racker