Monday, June 22, 2009


Nate is progressing slowly each day. They are hoping to pull out his breathing tube sometime this week. He needs to have strong enough lungs and chest muscles to breathe without assistance before they do. The last thing they want to do is pull the breathing tube and then have to put it back in later.

The infection Nate has been fighting is pretty much gone. He is getting stronger and has started physical therapy. Currenly his physical therapy consists of bending his arms and legs, squeezing a sponge and moving his head. He is able to sit up with assistance for about 10-15 minutes.

As you can imagine, lying in a bed for two weeks without being able to talk can be a bit depressing. He enjoys receiving cards and well wishes, especially funny ones.


  1. Thanks for keeping us all posted. We continue to pray for Nate. Please give him our love.

    Jim and Julia

  2. Our hearts go out to the Sonntag families! We love you guys and know that this has to be hard. Sam, please send over your girls if you and Danelle ever need to get away- for hospital visits or just time to breathe!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about thoughts and prayers are with your family! My name is Chalise and I went to high school at WX with Nate.

    Nate I am so sorry to hear about this but out of any person I know you will take this in stride and make it out on top! Your infectious laugh and hilarious sense of humor will get you through this. Since reading your blog I have been thinking about all of the fun/sometimes stupid things we did in high school not out of one of those memories with you do I remember one time not having the best time of my life! Nate your amazing attitude towards life is infectious and is something I strive for every day! Keep on keeping on buddy!

    I found some old pictures of us when we went to Vegas, I am trying to figure out how to get them scanned on my computer to send them to you! Remember how on that trip we all thought it would be so "cool" to get tattoos well everyone but you? Well be so thankful that you were so much smarter than me and did not get one. Here we are 7 years and thousands of dollars later from me trying to have it removed! Ha ha ha you were wise beyond your years to say the least! My mom still refers to you as the hat boy and remembers all of your fun and crazy hats!

    Nate I know that you are going to pull through this so please get well soon! Thank you for all the laughs and great memories!

  4. Chalise,

    Thanks for a great post. I'm sure Nate will love it. He needs uplifting, funny things to read.

    Sam (Nate's brother)

  5. Yeah Chalise...You and Tiana were such bad influences on the boys...Just kidding. I can say that because Tiana is family and I love her to death. Jace also got his removed and lucky for you Nate (Quake) you can skip that part. What makes me laugh is the nick name that J.C. has for you in his phone that I won't mention on this blog. But once my mom picked up his phone and said it out loud. It was pretty funny and I know you are the only one that will understand this story. But you are the and you are so loved and such a fighter.