Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Nate had surgery today. The doctors couldn't see any signs of infection on his brain but did a culture of the biopsy site to double check. The results from the culture will probably take a couple of days. If there is no infection on his brain then it is somewhere else in his body. I guess ruling out the brain and heart are good first steps.

When I saw Nate today he was in good spirits. He seems to be getting stronger. He was moving his shoulders and legs a bit today. He was once again, groovin' to his ipod.

We had a father and sons outing of sorts. My Dad and I were there with Nate tonight. We listened to music, watched a little TV, read the Ensign together and had a prayer before we left for the night. I hope he can get some rest tonight. I also hope Mark and Frankie can get some rest tonight. We love you Mom, Dad and Nate.


  1. Nate, We wanted you to know we love you and think about you everyday! You are in our prayers and we hope things get figured out quickly. With JC and Tiana home for the summer we better see more of you. I love listening to the stories! Again, we love you Nate. The Andersons ( Tianas mom and dad)

  2. So glad he is getting stronger. We hope they find the site of the infection soon. We will continue to pray for our cute friend. Get better soon Nate - we love you!

  3. Nate your optimism, courage and sense of humor amazes us all. You’re in all our thoughts and prayers daily. Thanks Sam for creating this blog. We are all anxious to hear the daily progress report. Sonntag family: if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. Nate, next session we need to go to a Jazz game together, I feel a little jealous I have never been privileged enough to see the famous “Jazz pants”. Keep fighting Nate; we are all pulling for you!
    Sincerely, Sara Callister

  4. Thanks for the update and the good news. Please know you all are loved and prayed for. I love to hear of his progress. Hang in there Sonntags!!

    Jeanne Phillips