Friday, June 19, 2009

Breathe easy, brother

Nate is breathing mostly on his own now. The machine assists him when needed, but he is mostly flying solo. This is great news! He is getting stronger each day and is trying to move his arms and legs as much as possible.

The culture of Nate's brain shows no signs of infection. The next step is to investigate if the picc line is the cause of infection.

Nate is up for short visits with friends/family now. If you want to visit, call Frankie or Mark first to get the all clear.

Frankie: 801-755-7623
Mark: 801-243-0001


  1. Let Nate know that he is in our prayers. Mark and Frankie, too. Love, The Leonards

  2. Just checking in so you know you are all in my thoughts each day. I'll give Frankie a call next week. Hope Nate is better today, Sunday. With love, Jeanne Phillips